Dreaming King Champion 2017

MeeGabriel Mee went undefeated in the Dreaming King Championship U1700 section. In addition to the 140 rating points he earn over MLK weekend, his 1st prize winnings came with an $800 check! This 5th grader is getting a head start saving for his college tuition! He plans to share his best game from the tournament. Stay tuned for the date of this upcoming star’s debut!

Regionals I, August 2016

Four-way tie in the top section of the first Regionals on August 2016 were won by

Jeffrey Yang, Trung Phan, Albert Nguyen, and Ethan Aquino.
Batbuyan Injinash score perfect in K-12 U1300.
Alyssa Changkachith tops K-6.
Siddesh  Ganapathy goes undefeated in the K-3.
Daniel gets first in the unrated section.

Grandmaster Sevillano wins 26th Anniversary Tournament on July 24th, 2016


Ethan Aquino clinched first at Summer Fiesta for the 4th time!

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A total of 50 players competed under the sun. Between body builders at muscle beach and tourists on roller coaster rides, the chess park’s only rated scholastic tournament was held on July 10th this year. In a tough pool U1200 section produced a 3-way tie between Dalton Bateau, Injinash Batbuyan, and Richard Bo. In just as competitive group Teddy Cruz cleared first one round early. Adarsh Swaminathan won U400.